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Please follow the link below to legislation that Representative Kirby has carried or has signed off on.  Not all legislation signed off on will be listed.  Representative Kirby must be a top six signer of the legislation for it to show here, and some legislation has many Representatives lined up for signing.  If you do not see a bill listed, it may be because Representative Kirby signed lower down the list.  If you have any questions on a bill listed or not listed here please do not hesitate to contact Representative Kirby.


The following links are to House Bills I have carried this session.

HB 688- Fair Taxation Act of 2014

HB 144- Labor organizations; public policy declaring Georgia a free-to-work state; provide

HB 225- Natural Resources, Department of; Environmental Protection Division; rules or regulations be approved by the General Assembly prior to promulgation; require

HB 335- Restoring Private Property Rights for Places of Worship Act of 2013; enact


The following links are to House Resolutions I have carried this session.

HR 22- Loganville High School baseball team; commend and invite to House

HR 34- Boss, Robert L. "Bobby"; commend

HR 146- Congress; enact the FairTax and express the State of Georgia's commitment to ratify the repeal of the 16th Amendment; request

HR 199- Loganville Christian Academy varsity football team; congratulate

HR 200- Loganville Christian Academy Varsity Competition Cheerleading team; congratulate