Dr. Jody Hice Endorses Representative Kirby’s Reelection Bid

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Sep 15, 2014 Comments Off on Dr. Jody Hice Endorses Representative Kirby’s Reelection Bid kirbyforgeorgia

For Immediate Release:

September 15, 2014 

Dr. Jody Hice Endorses Representative Kirby in Reelection Bid 

LOGANVILLE (September 15, 2014) | Representative Tom Kirby (R-Loganville) recently won the endorsement of Dr. Jody Hice, the Republican nominee for the 10th Congressional District. Rep. Kirby is running for reelection Georgia House District 114.

Said Dr. Hice:

“As a long-time Walton County resident, I know that we need a Representative with integrity who shares our values.  Tom Kirby is that man. I have known Tom for several years and I have seen him fight for our community through his leadership in the state legislature and in his work to pass Fair Tax legislation in the state of Georgia. I have also seen Tom’s work in private to help his friends and neighbors when they need a hand. Tom’s commitment to doing what is right doesn’t end when he comes home from the capitol. We can count on Tom because for him, integrity is not just a word; it is how he does business. Please join me in supporting Tom Kirby in the general election for House District 114.”

Rep. Kirby expressed gratitude in receiving the endorsement and optimism in what they can do together, saying, “I appreciate receiving the support of Jody Hice. I look forward to working with Jody for District 114, the people we represent, and the State of Georgia.”

Representative Tom Kirby represents the citizens of District 114, which includes portions of Barrow, Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Walton counties. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2012, and serves as the Vice Chairman on the Human Relations & Aging Committee, Co-Chairman of the Unemployment Subcommittee, and Secretary on the Industry and Labor Committee. He also serves on the Agriculture & Consumer Affairs and the Small Business Development committees.

For Information Contact:

Brennan Mancil, Political Director

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