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_MG_0267 (630x640)“As we move through the legislative session, I will be vigilant to stop legislation that takes away from the free market.  To push legislation that ensures the Liberties of our citizens are protected, not governments or special interest.  The best defense against the erosion of our Freedoms from Washington, is a strong Georgia where we can tell DC no.”

HB208 The Georgia Fair Taxation Act 

It is time to transform our tax code.  The Fair Taxation Act, modeled after the Federal Fair Tax legislation, eliminates the income tax in Georgia and replaces it with a consumption tax on new goods and services.  We cannot continue to punish success through taxation.

Ethical treatment of Embryos

We in Georgia are taking the lead on this issue.  Human life at all stages is precious including as an embryo.  We need to get out in front of the science and technology, before it becomes something no one wants.  The mixing of Human Embryos with Jellyfish cells to create a glow in the dark human, we say not in Georgia.  This bill is about protecting Human life while maintaining good, valid research that does not destroy life.

The Solar Resource Act

Georgia has a great opportunity to utilize more solar power.  This bill simply opens the gate for solar energy providers to allow them to fairly compete in the marketplace.  No special consideration, no tax dollars to support them.  They either make it or not on their own merits, this bill just lets them in the game.

The States Led Constitutional Convention

The founding fathers wisely put into The Constitution a way for the States to get the Federal Government back under control.  Washington has a spending problem and they have shown no ability to control themselves.  It is time for a balanced budget amendment, and it is up to the States to call for a convention to do so.