2016 Legislative Week 5 and 6

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Feb 24, 2016 Comments Off on 2016 Legislative Week 5 and 6 kirbyforgeorgia

Legislative week 5 and week 6
I was prepared to post the week 5 legislative update when I heard the news that Justice Scalia had passed away. I hope you do not mind, but I decided to wait and give a 2-week update. HB 697 passed out of the house unanimously. This bill requires an affirmative assent be given before a citizen is held liable to pay for goods or services. During this great recession, too many people and especially our seniors have been bullied and pushed to accept a “free” trial offer only to be hounded to pay the invoice they later tried to cancel. HB 697 not only gives our citizens and business protection but it adds up to a $10,000 fine for those who continue this unethical practice.
We had the second hearing on HB 796 in the Judiciary committee. HB 796 is putting into code the definition of a service animal. The bill further clearly states what is not a service animal. Since I first introduced this bill, I have been amazed at how many people have commented on the “fake” service animals or companion dogs being a total nuisance. It appears everyone is fed up with people taking their pets with them to every public place they go. We are working to get a one last detail worked out to get this bill moving.
I introduced legislation to give further protection and relief to our inert landfills. EPD started attacking the inert landfills back in 2011. In 2013 the General assembly passed legislation that was aimed to helping protect these important businesses. Unfortunately, EPD learns from their mothership in Washington the EPA and finds ways to go around legislation when they can. One local landfill has already spent over $80,000 to try to meet the EPD “new” rules. They get $65 per tandem dump truck load of yard waste. Yes, we are talking about landfills that only receive yard waste, ground up asphalt and concrete. No material that can leachate into the environment. Why has EPD gone after these is anyone’s guess. If the inerts go out of business, then yard waste will have to go to a lined landfill with all other trash. In the long run, it will fill up the landfills quicker, and cause additional landfills to be opened. When dealing with EPA and EPD we always must remember they list Carbon Dioxide, what every human exhales with every breath, as a Hazardous Air Pollutant.
I was honored to be asked to address the monthly meeting of Georgia Carry. It was great to see a packed house at Sister Restaurant in Loganville and discuss the issues facing gun owners in Georgia. I am proud to have co-sponsored HB859 the Campus Carry bill. I also reminded them all to keep a copy of HB731, the gun confiscation bill the Democrats introduced. The next time someone says we are over exaggerating their intentions, just pull out 731 and let them read for themselves.
We passed the house version of the budget last week. I was able to push the Board of Regents to supply us a list of all the Major repairs and renovations they claim to need. This $60 million was not getting the attention it needed. I am still working to make changes in the budget as it goes to the Senate and then back to a conference committee. I see the additional areas of savings where we do not need to spend the money.